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Business Rebooted, a web design company in Philadelphia, was founded to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the tools they need to compete with the big guys. Through our partnerships, we strive to become the best web design company in Philadelphia. Business owners from globally turn to us for help with creating online strategies, websites, SEO, and hosting solutions. Through our partnerships, we’re able to utilize the best technology available in all of our projects. We believe that if something isn’t going to be done right the first time, it simply isn’t worth doing at all. Above all, Business Rebooted values your satisfaction as a client and has become more than just a web design company in Philadelphia, but a true business partner to all of our clients.

Brandon Bell

Brandon Bell


Brandon is the founder of Business Rebooted and holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Marketing from Quinnipiac University. He has since worked in various industries including media, advertising, financial services, and product management, holding various titles ranging from digital investment analyst to product director. Brandon began building websites at the age of 14 and quickly discovered his passion for it. A decade and a half later he’s now building web applications, mobile applications, and websites for just about any type of business.

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