Harvest Business Consulting

Harvest Business Consulting

A Philadelphia-based small business consulting firm with expertise in financial, logistic, strategy, commercial, supply chain, and operations consulting.

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About the Client

Harvest Business Consulting is an end-to-end consulting firm that helps companies drive sustainable growth by focusing on strategies, processes, customers and people. With a combined 60+ years of experience with one of the world’s largest retailers, the consultants at Harvest Business Consulting know what it takes to drive results in the store, and behind the scenes.


Where The Business Was Challenged


Harvest Business Consulting’s previous website, while decently appealing, lacked the structure needed to convey all of the information it needed to. It did not provide a full list of services, expertise, and was heavy on buzzwords.

The three major shortcomings of the original website:

  • Did not provide an adequate description of services
  • Not entirely mobile friendly
  • Structure was not optimized for SEO


Our Working Process


Website overhaul

The new Harvest Business Consulting website is sleek and abstract, bringing attention to the important aspects of the company. It's mobile friendly, search engine optimized, and allows prospective customers to submit a form right from the website.


Fast and secure hosting

Business Rebooted provides hosting for Harvest Business Consulting via high speed cloud based servers that reduce risk and improve reliability.

Server racks in server room data center. 3d render

Search Engine Optimization

It used to be difficult to find Harvest Business Consulting through a Google search. Now, Harvest Business Consulting shows up in the top 3 ranked results consistently, and has began showing the highly sought after sitelinks.

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